Hubie World Cyber Cafe

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21B, GD Plaza Ilang-Ilang, Guiguinto Bulacan PH. 3015 Bulacan, Philippines.

Hubie World Cyber Cafe will be a state of the art gaming Lounge in Philippines

We are providing  World-Class Technologies, Premium Facilities and Exceptional Customer Service!

Don’t feel like drinking coffee? Our Hubies got you! , Get ready for our delicious bubble tea range !

Imagine the cute cups that you’ll be sipping on soon exclusively in Hubie World Cyber Cafe

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What is Hubie World?

Hubie world is a multimedia universe that will involve gaming, comics and entertainment.  Hubie World has also ventured into Hubie merch with plushies apparel and more!

Our current games in development include:

  • Hubie quest
  • Hubie lotto
  • Hubie pocket
  • Hubie arena


Hubie Coins will have the ability to be used in our cybercafe and supply discounts
Hubie Coin is a rewards based system that works digitally and in real life

Our Games








Hubie World Trailer

A hidden planet light years away from the solar system filled with beauty and life are inhabited by a species of special penguins who lived peacefully in their home: Hubie World. The Hubies lived in a world divided by different elements powered by elemental stones. Hubies have a choice to live in the environment of their elemental stone and together become one with nature.

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